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10:38 p.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

And here we are, my best friend and I, living the crazy city life. Or rather, emerging from the house a couple times a day and then retreating like very cold and red-nosed bunnies back to the house. We'll get going on the whole exploring thing soon - just as soon as I get a scarf! Being the foolish being that I am, I went and got my hair cut today. I really like it, at least as long as it's blow-dried straight. We'll see how I feel when it curls up after I wash it. It's just that it's above my ears and buzzed at the neck, so I am in desperate need of some other form of covering. I'm seriously debating grabbing my altar cloth, which was originally a scarf of sorts, and using that until I get something else. We shall see.

The important stuff... It's so nice being with her here. I'm comfortable with this girl like I am not and never have been with anybody but my sister, with the possible exception of Bridget sometimes. I miss her when we're in Locorado, even when we're together. We're always with other people, in one place or another, diluted and distracted. I'm soaking up friendship like a very thirsty camel heading out on another desert journey.

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