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11:00 a.m.

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I'm learning about money. My parents, as part of the grand adventure known as Senior Project, have provided me with my very own credit card. Very own, that is, in the sense that it's in my name, though they deal with everything but the spending. And credit in the sense of a card with an emphatically pre-set limit that I am not supposed to even approach. But, a piece of plastic that I will be allowed to use as a bartering tool when I want something, nonetheless. As part of this, I get a VisaBuxx account, and being the internet whore that I am, I'm reading all about... Money. There are a lot of rules and warnings, a would-be fear-inspiring page wherein they warn about the dangers of a bad credit record. Would be, that is, were it not in teen-friendly neon colors. As such, it's just kinda silly. I've never thought much about money before - sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't. If I need it, I consult either my parents or the various people I know with small children who so desperately want to exchange a few dollars an hour for the pleasure of an evening away from the abovementioned squalling children. I'm a little nervous about a credit card. Not that it'll change that much, I'm sure, but it's interesting all the same, and this site full of warnings and tips on how to use the thing is... excessive.

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