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1:03 p.m.

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Today I realized that learning Spanish needs to be a priority for the next few years. I don't have to know it perfectly, but I should know enough to understand more than 1 out of 4 words at a conference on a subject I'm familiar with. I also realized that I have an interest in medicine. I helped with an IUD insertion (helped in the sense of told this woman to respirar profundo and held her hand, not in any medical sense) and watched a bunch of clinical stuff, and it struck me as we were going through the labs that I really do like that kind of thing. So on the course list for Holyoke next year we put Spanish and a few basic pre-med type things. I still don't think I could deal with med school. I don't want to deal with med school. I will talk to the Lady H when I get back to school - somehow I suspect she will have, if not answers, very helpful suggestions. If I'm relatively fluent in english, french, and spanish I could work my way through most 3rd-world countries without too much trouble, and the kind of medicine I would be interested in doing would be of the primitive-clinic variety, not the HMO pediatrician. We'll see.

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