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8:51 a.m.

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And so, somewhat shaken, I move on and go with the tried and true not thinking about it. Distraction is key, and yesterday there was plenty of it. I spent a couple of fairly unpleasant hours in the dentist's chair and emerged with 6, possibly 7, uniformly colored front teeth. For the first time since... well, at the best since before the braces, and even that was 5 or 6 years ago, I have front teeth that look like they have a full coat of enamel on them instead of a patchwork quilt of chipped fillings. Not only entire teeth, but an entire row of teeth, are the same color. I've taken a hiatus from my dislike of mirrors to grin at myself every time I pass one. So that's exciting. And then Rani came and spent the night, and we got ice cream and watched second-season Buffy, and then there was talking about the impossibility of relationships, and just a little too much tickle-fighting but much laughter, and sleep. And I approve whole-heartedly of sleep.

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