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1:38 p.m.

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Never rains but it pours, and after all the months of waiting to find out who I'll be living with next year (month, actually) I discover I get not one, but two roommates. A Margaret Murray, of Connecticut, and an Anna Vrabel, of New Jersey. But neither of their email addresses, and I hate telephones, so perhaps I'll send them postcards. Or something. It's a big room in a beautiful dorm in the middle of campus, all of 30 feet from the library, so I'm happy about that. I think in some ways, three people will be easier than two. Diffuse tensions, stuff like that. Then again, there's Cesca's eternal maxim that three doesn't work. So we'll see. Surprisingly enough, I'm not nervous about this whole college thing. I was sure I would be, considering how much of a wreck I was before I went off to CRMS, but I'm just impatient. I know it's going to be new and hard and scary and I want to be there, already. I want to orient and unpack and meet people and start classes and explore Northampton and Amherst and get the hell out of limbo. So, postcards.

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