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3:49 p.m.

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FUCKING George Dubya. I'm not prone to hatred, but he makes the list of people on whom I would wish painful boils in sensitive areas. 5 years ago, as governor of Texas, the man declared that since he personally did not believe that Wicca qualified as a religion, the Wiccans on Fort Hood could not hold rituals on the base, despite the fact that anyone else is/was allowed to practice their religion openly. Now, the danger of such things as open fire and so on and so forth would be one thing, but the fact that he qualified his decision as being because of his personal bigotry - er, beliefs, was infuriating, not to mention unconstitutional. Now, again, with the gay marriage thing. He recognizes that we're all sinners - SINNERS? Since when do words like SIN have any place in political discussions? Sin is distinctly a church word, and personally, I don't believe that when I make love to, have sex with, fuck someone when both people involved are consenting people in the same age demographic, it's a sin. I don't. I would even go so far as to say that it's the holiest and most sacred of acts, and if he doesn't see it the same way I'm very sorry for his wife. It's hard to fully enjoy something you're ashamed of - but wait! He's not ashamed of it, because it's not a sin when he and his wife have sex because they're married! Oh, well that's okay then. I'll just do what they're teaching in public school abstinence-only sex ed these days and wait until I find a girl I want to marry. But, no, because the bigot running our country just declared that he's attempting to have it codified that I can never GET married to that lovely girl I hope to someday find and spend my life with. Because, despite his sins and the specks in his eyes, he doesn't believe a man like him should compromise on something like gay marriage - he believes a marriage is between a man and a woman. Tough luck for me, but I'm sure he'd be glad to counsel me on the benefits of abstinence for the rest of my life. Thanks, but no thanks, asshole. I'll just head to Niagra Falls for the weekend, and me and my girl will have a touching pagan ceremony followed by (and in all liklihood, preceded by) festivities that will perhaps involve a corny motel with a vibrating bed. I have no use for this man or his empty morality, and by the time I'm getting married/partnered, he's going to be long gone and hopefully suffering from painful boils.

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