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7:56 a.m.

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In which we discover that my subconscious is totally fucking nuts. Or at least sufficiently random to make me... oddly happy, actually. I had a strange dream last night, the kind that sort of resolves into a story (despite the dog-related interruptions at 5:30 in the dogdamned morning *grumbles*) but a very silly one. I dreamed of Buffy, except she wasn't Buffy, her name was Zip. And she had a baby, and she was living with and embarking upon a relationship with Willow, but they were at college, and I would say that it had nothing to do with the show and my brain was just using the images except that Buffy kept going on about Dawn but Dawn was the baby, maybe, but also her sister as on the show. And there was a brief interlude with a room full of monsters, possibly vampire-esque, but she ran away and then she ran into a guy and then there was a little girl in a stroller being pushed by the guy's therapist and they compared therapists and then she was abducted by evil psychologists and the guy and Willow mounted a rescue mission and really... I need my head examined. That or I need to learn to write stories when I'm awake like I do when I'm asleep.

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