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9:46 a.m.

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My dog is being almost alarmingly loyal. Most of the time, the kitchen is her domain - there's the door to the back yard, endless cabinets to open with contents she can't wait to strew all over the house, and usually there are people, some of whom will feed her or pet her or throw ice cubes for her to catch. But since everyone left and it's been just us in the house, she feels it necessary to be at my side, or better yet under my feet, at all times. I never realized how annoying it could be to have somebody come into your room when you're trying to sleep and stand by your bed breathing really loudly. She wasn't doing her usual Lassie thing where she wants me to follow her, cause when I got out of bed she didn't try to lead me anywhere, just stood there looking dumb. And this went on all night, which combined with last night's absolutely ridiculous festivities leaves me very tired. Never, ever again.

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