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7:20 p.m.

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Okay. So the thing is... I love college. The whole place just screams learn, all brick and ivy and beautiful masonry, not to mention the books. I have a dorm room that looks like a dorm room, on a campus that couldn't be anything but a college campus, where I live with people who could hardly be other than college students. For the most part, they're even nice college students. I'm adjusting well, I adore my roommates, my bed is comfortable, my classes are stimulating and challenging without being overwhelming. It's just... there's something missing. There's Cesca missing, and Josh, and Cela, Ross, my little prop-monkey, my dormlings... My friends. The people who know me, and love me, and kept me from ever being bored or alone when I didn't want to be. The ones who never made me wonder how they felt about me. I expected it to be easier here - I thought that in a place where I have so much in common with so many more people, I'd just sort of end up with friends. And it's not like there's any lack of people I'd like to get to know, I just can't figure out how to do it. I'd like to get to know the girls from True Colors better, but I never see most of them outside of the Marks house. There are a couple of girls in my russian lit class who seem really cool, but they're all upperclasswomen and again, I only ever see them in class. The list goes on and on, but the fact remains, I miss having long-time friends around. I like the people I'm meeting here, but forming actual friendships takes so much longer than I'd remembered, and I wish I could just skip it. In the meantime... Off to be social, rather than sitting in my corner bemoaning my lack of friends.

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