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9:49 a.m.

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Dear Mom and Dad

Have read an article about queer parenting in Bitch Magazine. Am suddenly realizing that you're going to be grandparental extensions of a Very Queer Family. Prepare for more strangeness than you see in the media, and please don't be snide to my children.



No, but really... Images of family. It's ridiculous that Jica and I talk about life together, the kind of life that takes place off a college campus and involves picking a city, naming children and buying organic eggs, but we do, and for the first time the idea that one day I will be a real live lesbian grown-up... A real live lesbian parent, even, with all the baggage that comes with that is hitting hard. Not with her, probably, but with someone, somewhere, somehow. In not even four years, I enter the real world as an adult. A 21 year old, college-educated, queer woman of the 21st century. I don't know what I'll do, or where I'll do it, but I have a century and an incarnation, command of two languages and a basic knowledge of where and how to find the mammalian spleen. I very much hope that will be enough.

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