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I love Wednesdays best of all the weekdays. Except for Friday, which doesn't count. Cause Wednesday I have my first two periods free, which means I could theoretically sleep in, though what I really do is get up, do all my morning stuff including breakfast, and then go sleep on the incredibly comfortable couches in the student lounge for an hour. Today I'm trying to go without coffee since the cappuccinno's upsetting my stomach, but I don't think it's going to work, even with an extra hour of half-sleep. Today should be an interesting day, though. Lila's free day (the one day a week when you don't have work crew or sport, so your day ends at 2:35 instead of 5-ish) is today, and she wants me to get out of mine and go with her somewhere. I'm not sure where or why, but I guess I will. After all, Gordo won't mind if I tell him I'm sick. It's great to have a friend to scheme with again, especially since we aren't known for it. Yet. I have a funny story from this morning. See, I have these two fairy shirts. They're these simple black tees that I got from Hot Topic, and one has a blue fairy and one has a red one. She's as fae-obsessed as I am, and I lent her one of them last week. We got our laundry back yesterday, and today I wore the red one again, and she wore the blue one. So I'm dressed and brushing my teeth, and she walks in wearing the blue one. We cracked up when we saw each other, and then switched. Hmm, it was funnier then.

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