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Bored now. I should go do homework. Am I going to? I seriously doubt it. I talked to Amy and Lada and Anne last night. Anne didn't even know I was at boarding school. Her initial reaction was "what in HELL did you do!?" I didn't do anything. I'm here of my own volition. Well, okay, so I DID do several things, but nothing I got caught for, so what does it matter? Not at all. I haven't talked to her at all in the longest time, so I was glad to. And I scared the hell out of her with what I had spent my freshman year doing. But then, Anne is easy to shock. She's the DARE posterchild, and went out with Ricky for 8 months without even kissing him. EASY to shock. And it was great to talk to Lada, cause she's lots of fun, and a person I'm very glad not to be mortal enemies with anymore. And Ames, well, she's Ames, of course I'm happy to talk to her! She's my best friend for five years now! Well, most of those years. Sometimes we hated each other. But not anymore. This was a thoroughly pointless entry, not that it matters, cause most of them are. Ames maybemaybemaybe might come here second semester. That would make me quite possibly the happiest person alive. I just hope she and Lila would get along. They're WAY too much alike for my peace of mind on that subject. I'm done now.

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