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I'm doing homework. I swear. Yes, biology, as a matter of fact. Where is it? It's in there somewhere. I'm, uh, taking a break. Yeah. A break. That's it. Riiiiight. Things I do not enjoy; attempting to read fanfic in an occupied computer lab. Especially when it's not strictly tame or strictly straight fanfic. Which is NOT to say that I'm reading anything I shouldn't be according to my "student computer use" policy thing that I SO signed, because I'm not. Much. I don't think. Erg. So, yeah. Life is good. I'm going home on Saturday. I'll be 15 in 5 days. Well, six really, but this one's almost over, so it's 5. I can't wait. I know that I'm getting the only thing I really want for my birthday (a long, long night with Bree in which I get to do absolutely anything I want. She promised) and I'm very, very happy. I could even be described as glowing. Well, no, but I will be. There will be large amounts of glowage. To say I can't wait would be a really, really big understatement. Back to my fanfic, and then to the dorm.

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