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So I've succumbed. To Valentine's Day. There was a time when I was a true cynic. When I was proud of being single on V-day, or at least pretended I was. When it came around, and as all my friends made fools of themselves running around getting and giving valentines and teddy bears, I could lean in the corner and watch, smirking, superior. I could make sarcastic remarks, and make fun of the commercialism of it. I could laugh at the slew of adds for everything from chocolate liquor to eatable underwear. Well, I still laugh at those. But this time, I succumbed. I stayed up until 1:30 last night, making valentines with Lila. I put an annonymous rose in Josh Buchman's box. And a premade PowerPuff girls valentine from a box that Lila and I got at City Market last night. I sat on a couch in the student lounge with Katie, bemoaning our singleness. I got valentines in my box, and a teddy bear, all from girls, and I was made to smile. I watched Josh's box as he still hasn't taken the rose out. And when Lila said he had a huge smile on his face walking down the hall after I put it in his box, I blushed, then peered out from behind my hair to inquire "really?". I disgust myself.

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