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I took the SparkMatch test last night at play practice. I'm Xengirl21, in case you go and happen to be wondering. He's got a profile there, under Pweep. Funny boy. And it was cool, cause after I took it he asked me twice what my profile name thing was and made sure he knew how to spell it and all that. And I suspect he may go look. It says we're 86% compatible. It's hilarious cause the majority of the profiles in our area are from crumbs, (CRMS kids) even though there's only 170 of us. My only worry is that if he does go see my profile thingy, he's going to notice the whole bi thing. I don't know if it'll bother him or not. I hope not. But if it does, it does. And if it changes anything, better now, right? Cause he'd find out eventually if, well, if. And if it means the whole damn school finds out, fine. Cause I am bi, and I'm not real fond of closets. Anyhow. We're getting along much better lately. I'd even venture to say that we're friends, as opposed to aquaintances. If I have to settle for friendship, it wouldn't kill me. And if I don't, it's better being friends first. Avoids awkward silences and stuff. I don't want to settle, though. I still really like him.

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