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2:44 p.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

Um. Whining about the past gets to be done with now. Really. I may just move on to whining about the future. Or possibly just shut up. I don't know. I'm angry, angry at Katie Scott the academic dean, possibly angry at my parents depending on what they have or have not written or said to the Powers That Orchestrate my life. At any of said Powers that have been talking to each other behind my back and who then spring things on me at random times and tell me that I have an excuse for everything and hence use that as an excuse to disregard my very existence. I'm writing a letter. An elegant, well-penned, chastising letter to Katie Scott, in which I tell her in terms that will speak to her higher-ups if they don't speak to her, exactly what I think of her inability or unwillingness to give a shit about the students as individuals. I plan to slip in at some point a reminder of the sum my parents pay to send me here. Just so we're all on an even playing field - I may be a sixteen year old girl with no power whatsoever, but I'll be damned if my parents aren't more powerful than Katie Scott, and if I don't still have my father wrapped around my pinky finger. So here I go, crusading on. Fuck the administration. This is my life.

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