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9:34 a.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

Last night... Was ridiculous. I'm good at swooning. If there was a sport in falling hard, fast, and with the accompaniment of much girlish giggly behavior, I would win. Or maybe she woud win. We could be a team - we're just sickeningly cute like that.

Ugh. Case in point.

Last night. In which she made herself do her homework before she called me, then got my IM name and we spent... gods, I don't know, probably around an hour driving each other to the point of shaking. Then decided that this morning or possibly this afternoon was way too long to wait, and met halfway between our dorms for a goodnight kiss under a tree in the rain, much to the amusement of our collective roommates. What part of physical contact we thought was going to make us less eager to find the nearest flat surface I'm not sure, but we were mistaken. And tonight... Tonight we have a date, and an empty room for at least a few hours. Last night we talked about limits and the fact that we both meant to avoid jumping into anything until we met each other and that plan suddenly lost a lot of importance. So... tonight should be interesting. Today will be torture.

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