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Six minutes till sculpture. Erg. Parent Weekend was nice. I got to see my Daddy, which was good, and he bought me tons of stuff. Even a snowboard, which I was so not expecting to ever happen, or at least not until I'd been doing it for a season. It's really pretty, green with a picture of a beach and palm trees and then on the back there's a sort of fuzzy monster thing. It's a really nice board, and the right size for me and everything. I'm a very small person, so it's hard to find stuff in the right sizes. They even had a nice pair of used boots in size 5's, which was good. And then he bought me lots of junk food and a new camera (YAY!) and some more hair dye and a hat and a sparkly blue hairdrier which I will never use but that's ok, and a shower poof, and some other stuff. And more sticky-tac. For those of you who don't know, which is probably all of you, I have an obsession with stickytac. Well, not really, but I play with it constantly. It's that stuff you use to stick posters and stuff to walls. It's stretchy and blue and gets warm in your hands and isn't really very sticky and I love it. I need something to play with most of the time or I fidget, and this is perfect.

I did have something else to say but I forget what it was so that's ok. Maybe later.

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