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This is the entry Lila may be allowed to read. Or perhaps not, depending on how it ends up looking. I finished my last final ten minutes ago. I think I failed the artistic component because we had to draw a pony and mine had wings and sunglasses and no torso. But it's only worth one point and Kat luvs me, so it'll be okay. AND I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!! I get to go HOME tomorrow! And this has been a great week. I mean, yeah, there've been the finals, but those weren't very hard for the most part, even though I had to take the math one without a calculator, and I got to spend a lot of time with my friends. Danielle and Lila and I spent a bunch of yesterday hanging out in my room. I cleaned. Or, tried to clean. It didn't work very well. But I tried. And I now have a neat and organized closet, even if the rest is still a mess. It's a START, goddamnit! I even organised my shoes. Danielle's domestic tendencies are rubbing off. She's been sewing all week. She made a bra out of the pockets of a pair of jeans she ripped, and a miniskirt out of the ones she ripped on barbed wire. She also stole my bra, and ran around the dorm in it with me in pursuit demanding it back. It was funny. I think we scared the others. And we talked a bunch, and I just in general got to hang out with them, and paint nails, and eat chocolate frosting, and feed people chocolate frosting cause they had no hands, and daub their noses with it, though they didn't even notice and it came off by itself. Lila does look kinda funny with frosting on her nose, though. Especially when she's completely oblivious. And we had fun.

I can't wait to go home! Ricky got me ecstasy for X-mas. He's a sweetie. And Lada's coming to see me for 3 - 4 days, and fun will be had. And I'll have phones readily available that don't need phone cards to use them, and so I can talk for hours and hours at a time. Bri, plan on being on the phone a lot. Well, I'm going to stop now, and go figure out how to smuggle a quarter of weed through the aiport. Shouldn't be too hard.

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