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I've just recieved an exceedingly odd phone call. My sister calls me from downstairs, says I've got a call on the downstairs line. I go, I pick it up, whoever it was says hi, this is ___ I missed whatever filled in the ___. I thought they had said Bri, cause the voice sounded a little like hers, but then they ask if I'm going to the party at Mike's tonight. I'm like, Mike who? And who are you? And I'm confused! But I ask Mike who. They say some last name. I go no... They ask if they should pick me up. I'm just like, maybe, probably not, at which point they ask if we can hang out tonight. I'm still trying to figure out who the hell it is, but I say maybe, when? Planning to avoid it if possible. And then I ask them to hold on a second, planning to check the caller ID, but they go waitwaitwaitwaitwait! so I do. At which point there are some very bizarre noises emmitted from the phone. At which point I start to figure out that this is a prank. But being me, I stay on the line, but then the odd noises stop and somebody starts talking about furry love something or others, and I hang up, thoroughly confused. People are very strange. I've never been good at prank calls. I can never think of anything to say. This one was just confusing.

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