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12:43 Locorado time

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Okay, I just lost an entire entry, so I'm going to do it again... I told Danielle last night, about the thing with the Imp and I. Well, actually, just I, because she has no knowing part in it. But shhh. So there are now two people who know. Too many. But not realy, cause I know neither of them are a risk, other than that I may be teased to death. But hey, what can I say... I like having people to talk to about it. And, there are days I think I want her to know. But then I don't. But whatever. And at least now Danielle can read my d-land.

New topic. I'm loving my new journal. Did I write here about my journal? Well, I'm going to do so again. The Imp gave me a journal for X-mas, with a collage on the cover and three sections inside. On the first page of the first section, she wrote an introduction, saying that she thought about it cause I love journals and keeping secrets from her, so she was giving me another journal to keep things from her in. And saying that I was a great friend and she hoped we were always friends. At which, of course, I absolutely melted. So I decided I'd make it a friendship book. And so I made one section for people to write in, and one for all the hilarious things people say that I need to remember, and one for inspiration, aka notes, watercolors, collages... You name it. And it's good. And I'm happy. And happiness is good.

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