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First of all, let me say, it has been a wonderful day. First of all, Thursdays, I have the last three classes of my day in the morning, which are design, civ, and biology. I had no homework in any of the above. So theoretically, I could have gone to sleep at 9. I didn't until 12:45, but that was for other reasons. Then I got up at the normal time, went to all my classes, didn't have to do much of anything, woke up slowly, stood and twirled in the swiftly falling drifting snow. Wonderous stuff. Means powder on the mountains. So then, at 12:45, all geared up, I haul my ass and snowboard to the bus, load everything up, get to the mountain, and learn to turn. I went on six runs, successfully got off the lift 3 times out of six, got this whole carving business down pretty well, and had so much fun! It's incredible! I've never ever learned anything this fast in my life! I mean, yes, I did fall down and nearly concuss myself a couple times, but other than that I only fell when I wanted to. And those times were my own fault, for reverting to my favorite philosophy. "I don't know what I'm doing, but it feels good, so what the hell?" It gets me in more trouble, I swear. Today, it very nearly got me concussed, there've been a couple times it could quite possibly have got me pregnant, another couple it could've got me arrested... I need to not follow it. But it's so much fun! And other than the whole falling and trying to spill my brains on the snow part, it was great! I'm learning to control my speed and turn and stop and all sorts of wonderful stuff. I never thought it would be this much fun when Lila said I had to snowboard instead of ski, but she was so right! And there was fresh powder! Which means that you really feel like you're floating, just sailing down the mountain on this coating of fresh, light, powdery snow. And tomorrow, there's going to be even more, and maybe they'll call a powder day, which is when the entire school stops classes, loads on the busses early in the morning, and goes skiing. Or snowboarding. Depending on what you do. But even if we don't, there'll still be powder on Saturday cause it's supposed to keep snowing, and I'm going on the 8:00 bus. Wonderful. The only part of today that wasn't absolutely great was Lila and Katie saying they're going to tell Josh to ask me out. And I don't think they really will. I hope they won't. But I was so close to saying to Lila, when she said "Yeah, the next time I see him, I'm going to tell him to ask you out" that she could "Go ahead, if you can stop flirting with him and rubbing it in my face long enough to remember!" But I didn't. It would have been funny to have seen the look on her face if I had, though. As an end note, I love snowboarding, and I can't wait for Saturday!

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