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9:28 a.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

Wellsprings of ability. Bars of cope. Lilacs and tulips budding under the soil and inside of their little capsules. Life goes on. Stress comes and it goes and maybe I don't know enough yet to know very well how to deal with it but I'm learning. Learning that I have the resources to cope with it. Learning that time passes no matter how hard it seems and that if you just hang on it'll be all right. Hang on. Do what needs doing. Life goes on. Keep breathing.

Interm is almost here. A week of living in the dorms, living in Colorado, but no school. A week of silver and flux and stones and torches. Life goes on. Keep breathing.

Cesca and I are spending spring break together. We're spending a week in Chicago exploring and giggling and having fun. I have my friends and they are all that I need. Life goes on. Keep breathing.

I have to finish this history paper. I talked to Heather and she helped in a way but maybe I can't do what she thinks I should, maybe I'm just going to have to finish the way I started, but I'll get it done. I'll pass history, even if I get a crappy grade on the paper. Life goes on. Keep breathing.

I have an excellent new book, as thick as can be, hardback with real paper. It's for my English project, which I think is going to be about the bonds between women. Sisterhood. I've become such a raving feminist this year. Wait. I was always that way. Life goes on. Keep breathing.

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