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11:10 a.m.

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She blinks. She looks around in the gray, early morning light at the room she lies in. Then she smacks her alarm clock and goes back to sleep. It is this sort of process that is the cause of my unmanageable mornings. I feel like such a cliche sometimes. I've started thinking in diaryland mode, with eye-catching opening sentences and bizarre punctuation. Recently, about dorm life.

I guess Monday night triggered it. I finally finished the Philosophy Paper of Doom, got it to Mark in such a way that I feel terribly dishonest but may manage to ace the class for the semester, and so I told Marcela she could come over after our dorm parents went to bed and we would finally finish Better Than Chocolate. (bite your tongue, Ces, I don't want to hear it) But then I was out in the common room and Megan was dancing and singing Son of a Preacher Man, and I asked on the off-chance if she had it on CD. She gets all delighted-looking and says that as a matter of fact, she does and to make a long story short she spent the next hour or so dancing in my room. We, really, because though I don't know how to do the things she does I've come far enough in the last three years to dance in near-darkness in my own room. For a few minutes, anyway. And after the dancing there was the telling of stories, and Marcela came in for the interesting part of the Grand Latex Larceny, and then Megan left when it was over and Cela and I finished Better Than Chocolate, and she stayed and we snuggled and talked for a while. Then she went back to her room and I went to sleep and that was pretty much that. A night of dorm life, of sneaking around doing silly little illicit things (breaking the lights-out policy, watching movies during the week... whatever IS this world coming to?!), of girl-talk. And I went to sleep smirking.

So there was that. And then yesterday I talked to Chris about college and life and deviance in psychology, and I had double philosophy in the evening because the winter schedule has begun, and basically it's been a week without drama and I like it.

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