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8:43 a.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

I love the way I walk in my snowboarding boots. Yesterday was the first day of snowboarding, and I didn't get back to the dorm to change afterwards until dorm check. So I strode. Not walked, not pranced or minced or swaggered or tripped or any of the other verbs for movement reliant on one's legs, but strode. I can't bend my ankles in these boots so I stick my legs out farther and I put my heel down first then tread down onto my foot, I take bigger steps and feel taller and louder and like I have more of an impact on the ground. Symbolic, I suppose, a symbol of the power I feel when I'm turning and swooping down snowfields like there's no limit to my wingspan.

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