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8:12 p.m.

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Ambushed at the activities fair... I'm just a sucker for a list of names. I went there with the express intent to sign up for the queer club. That was it! I wanted to... uh, be involved in the lesbian community. And their table was close to the door, so I approached with a hopeful smile, recognizing the women staffing it as the women who had been so friendly at the open house a couple of weeks ago... But they were still setting up and were not smiling invitingly like everyone at the tables around them. Someday we're going to have a discussion about me and the groups I'm drawn to, all of which seem to require confidentiality and being chronically 5 minutes late, but not now. So, they weren't ready, so I decided to do a circuit around the rest of the tables. I wasn't going to sign anything, I was just going to look. Really.

10 minutes later, I'd put my name on every piece of paper put in front of me, like some sort of rabid chipmunk with a signing fetish. Sure, send me some information, I'd love to come to a meeting, oh that sounds interesting... What, you want me to write for the newspaper, well, absolutely! Oh, a sci-fi/fantasy writers group? Never mind that I don't write fiction, at least not fiction I'm willing to share with people. I didn't sign up for the regular writers guild, because by that point I'd remembered my distaste for other people reading my creative writing. I'll stick with the queer groups, which I did eventually get back to and sign up for, the outdoors club, maybe the debate club. Can't wait to see what the Russian club is going to be - I'm starting to think about majoring in Russian and Eurasian studies, maybe with a double minor in philosophy and theater. Or biology and politics. I'm interested in too much. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to go to law school from there if that's what I want in four years, and I'm so in love with the literature. The girl running the table is in my lit class and she recognized me and it made me happy. It's a pretty close-knit department, and I'm always looking for family.

But, clubs. Queer groups, russian club, outdoors club, sci-fi/fantasy writers, debate, newspaper, renaissance/medieval... The list goes on, but I can't remember, and anyway now is time for chemistry.

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